Getting Induced? A Few Things to Change in your Natural Birth Plan

First the good news! Most of your birth plan can stay intact, even if you are choosing induction.


When a woman has planned long and carefully for a natural birth, it can feel...

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Love Letter from a Doula

Intentional Birth has been an absolute game changer! As a birth doula for over twelve years, this program has made my job of supporting families so much easier. Intentional Birth...

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Don't Blame Her for Not Enjoying Your Vaginal Exam

I had a phone call with a really lovely doula who wanted to debrief a recent birth she supported. The birth was long, she told me. The early labor lasted a day, and then the active labor...

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The Miracle of Waiting

I've attended births in about twenty hospitals, at various birth centers, and with more than a handful of home birth midwives. Year after year, it feels like the more I know the less I know. Birth...

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