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We see you, doulas + midwives!

You've walked out of a birth where your client was mistreated and traumatized while you felt helpless, and you thought, "If I have to do another birth like that it might be my last."

You've taken clients out of obligation or fear of missing out on money, even though you didn't feel aligned with them. Maybe birth work means just making ends meet?

You've had big questions . . . "What else could I have done? Was it true what that midwife said? How do I support my client after this?" But you had no safe place to ask, no one who you knew would give you an honest answer and offer you loving support.

You've poured your heart into educating your clients, but there was never enough time to tell them everything, never enough time to unwind their fear.

You're still here because you really care (and yes because when birth is good, it's great). But sometimes you wonder if you are even making a difference.

We feel you!

This may be the hardest job in the world, even with its rewards, and none of us can truly do it alone.

Enter Intentional Birth Pro.

The community and learning space you've been craving.

Together, we're going to create your breakthrough..

  • First, we'll welcome you into our community: safe, caring, knowledgeable, and honest to the core.
  • We'll show you exactly how to attract clients who are aligned with your values, interests, and specialties.
  • Through science, sage wisdom, and stories we'll fill your knowledge bank on physiologic birth, so you are more capable of supporting any kind of birth.
  • We'll identify exactly what your worth is, so you can charge it!
  • Next, we'll show you our tried-and-true prenatal systems for preparing clients in decision-making, in advocacy, and in mindset. This is the magic that makes your job EASIER!
  • You'll connect daily with peers and mentors who care about you, so we can all problem solve and peer review in real time.
  • You'll understand exactly how to reduce the number of traumatic births your clients experience (and that you witness) so that you stop the burnout and make a real difference
  • We'll show you how to avoid or bust out of unhealthy birth worker patterns, and feel confidence and joy in your work, even after the hard births.

If you're like us you have a deep desire for...

  • Community
  • Nitty-gritty knowledge
  • Truth and accountability
  • Mentorship from like-minded professionals who actually, deeply care about you+
  • Excellent income

You're in the right place.

These three months will change you forever.

Spring circle: April 4 - June 21, 2023
Fall circle: Sept 6 - Nov 22, 2023
You'll walk away with your thinking transformed, your power to create expanded, and your birth skills sharpened.

Here's what Intentional Birth Pro includes...

  • 12 weekly ninety-minute live workshops
  • 6 live guest speaker masterclasses
  • 2 private consults with Meredith or Alicia
  • 3 live group peer reviews
  • An intimate circle of like-minded birth workers
  • Daily Marco Polo access to us and your circle
  • Workbook & reading materials
  • Yearlong membership to all IBP masterclasses, materials, and peer reviews

Plus These Bonuses!

  • Access to the Intentional Birth parent course ($497 value)           
  • Forever access to our private Facebook group

Before this training

  • Feeling like a lone wolf
  • Struggling to find aligned clients
  • Scared of advocating for clients
  • Not sure you're really helping your clients

After this training

  • Feeling safe and connected
  • Finding clients you love is EASY
  • Advocacy feels simple because you have the tools you need
  • Confident that you are making a difference in your client's life

Total program cost is $2997, which includes the three-month intensive and your year-long membership!

Reserve your spot by placing your deposit of $397 today. Welcome! Your final payment (or first installment of monthly automated payments) will be due two weeks before your program start date.

Alicia and Meredith,

I just wanted to thank you so much. You helped me better understand why I was struggling to be fully honest with clients, especially in interviews.

I just had two amazing interviews! On Sunday I had the most honest interview yet, it was sooo good and it felt so natural. And we just loved each other. Her follow up with me:

Hey Miriam,

I think you're the one. :) I've done countless interviews, but I just can't get our conversation out of my head. When it's right, you just know!


Hey birthy friend, we're Alicia + Meredith!

We're here to tell you that we've done it all wrong... so you can do it right."

We are seasoned doulas, with two decades of combined experience serving hundreds of families. Birth besties who learned through hard experience the very best ways to create a fulfilling and profitable birth practice, and to help our clients prepare for the non-traumatic (empowered, joyful) births they deserve. We're here to support you in doing the same!

Can you imagine:

  • Feeling confident advocating for your clients in the hospital (or out ;)
  • Being part of a nourishing, connected community of birth workers who share your values and want to help you
  • Finding real honesty with your clients, while speaking in a way that makes them feel truly informed, autonomous, and trusted
  • Feeling at home as a birth worker and a businesswoman
  • Truly understanding physiologic birth with all its variations, and how to support it
  • Making more money than you’ve ever made before
  • Feeling on fire, on purpose, and deeply fulfilled by your work ...

We're exploring not just what to do, but how to be.

This isn’t a new doula training.

It’s a community for every birth worker, from brand new to super seasoned.

We’ll dig through what holds us back from honesty, from true advocacy, from earning actual income, from branching out, from specializing, from setting boundaries, from healing, from connecting, from trusting, from changing.

We'll focus in on physiology, and the foundational knowledge that allows us to support every kind of birth well. We'll share our formula for helping clients toward empowered decision-making and self-honesty.

We'll ask ourselves the hard questions, and be a soft landing place for each other.

Our birth bag has many tools: the rebozo, the birth ball, the candles and scents, all the information at our fingertips about induction and comfort measures, but the Intentional Birth platform has been the most important tool of all. It completes my core beliefs about how I want my families to be able to achieve the safest, healthiest, most empowering, and beautiful birth experience that they can possibly have.


Will you join our circle?

We modeled Intentional Birth Pro after our own intimate circle of "doula sisters," who have stood by each other through thick and thin over the last decade of this exhausting and rewarding work. We want to be a sanctuary for other committed birth workers: our foundation is equal parts honesty and love! Throw in deep learning, and a little fun, and the circle is complete.

Founding Memebers

Are you ready to go all in?

This is your time!
Your moment for transformation, clarity, and learning.
We can't wait to see you shine.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Our gorgeous photos are by the one and only Paige Driscoll.
Large center circle photo is by Monet Nicole.