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A rich community and learning space for intentional families and birth workers.

We’re going to be honest with you...

Birth deserves your intentionality.
Positive, mother-led birth is within your reach!
Confidence, joy, and purpose are waiting for you to claim them.

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New Born

Come and find your True North....

International Birth Pro

Intentional Birth Pro

For all birth workers, seasoned or brand new! Our three-month journey together will:

  • Deepen your understanding of physiologic birth (and how to support physiology in every circumstance).
  • Ground your sense of confidence and purpose in your role on the birth team, as a knowledgeable contributor and advocate.
  • Lay the groundwork for a sustainable and fulfilling birth career.
  • Provide you with a lasting community of like-minded birth workers, and a safe place for your questions and experiences.
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Intentional Birth: complete childbirth education for modern couples

Welcome to your trailhead for a purposeful, transformative birth journey! This course is a guide and a map that will show you:

  • What choices and considerations lie ahead of you
  • How to make decisions for yourself based on the evidence and on your values
  • How to build a top-notch birth team
  • How to train your body and mind for the climb
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Childbirth Education for couples

"I watched every module of this course and I can say that Intentional Birth 100% encompasses its name. This class series helps woman/pregnant people to understand, embrace and claim their birth power like no other curriculum I’ve ever seen before."


Alicia + Meredith

The besties behind
Intentional Birth

Alicia Fishbein and Meredith Nelson are seasoned doulas, with two decades of combined experience serving hundreds of families. We read books and research articles about birth...for fun! We talk about birth...for fun! We would even give birth again...for fun! We are also downright serious about reducing trauma, and improving birth outcomes by helping women prepare for birth with solid information and support. We are committed researchers and advocates, learning especially from the women we support through pregnancy and birth. We're with you!

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