Love Letter from a Doula

Oct 13, 2022

Intentional Birth has been an absolute game changer! As a birth doula for over twelve years, this program has made my job of supporting families so much easier. Intentional Birth understands that one’s ideal birth may not be someone else’s and there are many births options .


Our birth bag has many tools: the rebozo, the birth ball, the candles and scents, all the information at our fingertips about induction and comfort measures, but the Intentional Birth platform has been the most important tool of all.


It completes my core beliefs about how I want my families to be able to achieve the safest, healthiest, most empowering, and beautiful birth experience that they can possibly have.


Intentional Birth helps families see all of the possibilities, reminding them of their birthing rights, reminding them that they have choices, and that they are in the drivers seat of their birth. I wish Intentional Birth were around when I gave birth to my son, so I would have had more knowledge, felt more powerful, and would have stood up for what I wanted regarding my body, my birth, my baby, my family, and my own self-worth as a birthing person. Thank you Intentional Birth for embracing all families by providing invaluable information to help keep birth safe , beautiful, and most of all powerful .


The learn-as-you-go approach of Intentional Birth is wonderful in that it continues on with what my prenatal meetings are showing the couples. I find the families who opt in on the this program are better prepared for their birth experience.


The families that “walk the walk and talk the IB language,“ I notice have shorter time spent in hospital settings, feel greater birth satisfaction, and experience fewer postpartum challenges.


Because they are educated right from the very beginning with evidence-based information and knowledge, they have more time to experience the joys of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.


Thank you, Alicia and Meredith, for helping to create a safer birth experience for all who embrace your program.


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