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We are birth workers like you, and after working with hundreds of families, we built this program in answer to our ultimate challenge: how do we adequately prepare our clients both for the physiologic process of birth, and for birthing within a social context (professional, familial)? How do we prepare them both for home birth and hospital birth? How do we reduce the risk of birth trauma through education?

Two prenatal visits never quite cut it for us (we simply couldn't fit it all into 2-hour visits!). And most childbirth classes leave parents with gaps to fill, or worse yet, false expectations and information to correct. We couldn't find the childbirth course of our dreams, so we created it. Enter Intentional Birth.

When your clients join Intentional Birth, they will learn everything they need to make informed decisions about their birth, and will come away with a greater understanding and trust of the birth process. You can trust in their foundational knowledge, and focus your prenatal visits on their specific needs.

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