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WE believe

that a positive birth is every woman's birthright. We know that birth isn't just about birthing babies; it's about mothers, fathers, and families being born.

We wonder what the future would look like if every baby were received gently; if every mother felt loved and safe during her moment of change; if the people around the mother recognized her body's powerful wisdom, and respected her autonomy and authority. 

We believe that a better world begins with better birth.

Meet meredith + alicia

Meredith Nelson and Alicia Fishbein are seasoned doulas, with 19 years of combined experience serving hundreds of families. We read books and research articles about birth...for fun! We talk about birth...for fun! We would even give birth again...for fun! We are also downright serious about reducing trauma, and improving birth outcomes by helping women prepare for birth with solid information and support. We are committed researchers and advocates, learning especially from the women we support through pregnancy and birth. We're with you!

Meredith is a certified biomechanics nerd (Restorative Exercise Specialist), advocate-doula, editor, storyteller, and a teacher of two decades. Her passions blended unexpectedly in the creation of this course. She has supported families in birthing rooms across the country, and utterly believes in women.

Meredith is the owner of Born to Move located in Charlottesville, VA

Alicia’s passion for birth was ignited by two events: her own first birth and attending the birth of her friend. Those two pivotal events caused her to fall wildly in love with birth.  Since 2013, her mission is to teach women to own their unmedicated birth. She has gleaned the wisdom and experience gained from witnessing nearly 300 births and poured it into Intentional Birth.

Alicia is the owner of BORN doulas located in the SF Bay Area.