$397.00 USD

Breakthrough Birth Education for Parents To Be!

APR 21-22, 2023

Want to feel calm, confident and in control at your birth? 

We'll show you how.

The Intentional Birth Weekend Immersion will open your mind and heart, and take the mystery out of giving birth.

Two savvy, seasoned doulas will teach you everything you've always wanted to know about birth.  Your time with Alicia and Meredith will be jam-packed with insider tips and tricks---information you won't find anywhere else.  

So what will we cover?

  • Choosing the right team for you
  • How to keep your power
  • Essential body prep
  • The best way to train your brain
  • Birthing rights and options
  • Informed decision-making tools 
  • Advocacy tools
  • What to expect along the birth journey
  • Variations of normal birth
  • Routine interventions in different birth settings (risks, benefits, alternatives)
  • The most effective way to write and use a birth plan
  • Common birth "hijackers"
  • Induction options
  • Family-centered cesarean birth
  • Birth day game plan
  • Comfort measures and tips for an awesome birth environment
  • Pushing and preventing tearing
  • The first hours with your newborn 
  • Early breastfeeding
  • And more!!



11am-1pm EST

2pm-4pm EST


11am-1pm EST

2pm-4pm EST

5pm-7pm EST

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