YOU CAN FEEL calm, confident, AND safe WHEN YOU GIVE BIRTH.

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WE'RE HERE WITH  truthful, loving,SUPPORT

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You've now got two committed doulas and advocates in your back pocket, teaching you their best tricks of the trade.


Yes, that means our best comfort measures, exercises, packing lists, affirmations, and tips for recovery. But it also means tools for decision-making, for self-advocacy, and for knowing your true needs and values as you prepare for birth.


We've accompanied hundreds of families through the pregnancy and birth process. And we promise you, we tell it how it is. After a decade of teaching our clients individually, we created the course we've been waiting for.

An overview of every module in our super comprehensive course.

what's inside

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READY FOR THE NEW childbirth education?

  • No more weekend childbirth classes that teach you your birthing options without teaching you tools for making an informed choice.

  • No more talking to women as if their bodies might fail them at any moment.

  • No more acting like women's deeply held desires and values are mere "preferences" that can be easily discarded if necessary.

  • No more preparing women for an unmedicated vaginal birth, and leaving them high and dry if they choose an epidural, induction, or cesarean.

  • No more pretending that a natural birth comes naturally to every woman without some intentional preparation of body, mind, environment, and team.

What's in the Course?


Live Mentoring

Twice monthly Meredith & Alicia are available for a 60-minute live virtual session to answer questions and offer personalized support.


20+ hours video instruction

A beautiful blend of science, sage wisdom, and stories.

Drip-fed over 6 weeks, but you can go at your own pace!


Evidence-Based Resources

A 200 page printable workbook, and hundreds of links to further reading if you want it! (And if you just stick to the videos, that's fine too. You will be well-prepared.)

A SNeak peek

Let us take you for a spin through Intentional Birth in this video tour.

We have a different story to tell about birthit's not an emergency waiting to sweep you away. It's a mountain with known paths, and many safe routes to the top!

Just like a good mountain climb, birth is demanding. And like climbing a mountain, people choose this challenge because of the thrill of accomplishment, the joy of the summit, and the strength and wisdom they gain along the way.

It's a simple formula. Prepare for birth like you would prepare for any adventure.

  • Gather knowledge from people who share your vision and who have done this before (we're here for you!)

  • Build a trustworthy team

  • Train your body and mind

We're ready to help you find your own path.


"We are so grateful for Meredith and Alicia! The information in this course has deeply impacted our framework for birth. Our confidence in the process has grown immensely, and we feel much more comfortable navigating the many decisions involved in creating a birth plan."

-corina & kyle