Hello Birth Worker

Welcome to our circle of friends.

safe, loving, and honest to the core. 

Intentional Birth Pro is an online community and learning space for birth workers who center physiology in their practice—while also preparing clients honestly for alternatives and for birth in any setting. 

This is where we come together. 

for community for nitty-gritty knowledge for truth and accountability 

for mentorship from like-minded professionals who actually, deeply care about you!


Join us for Intentional Birth Pro,

our 3-month transformative program. This is for you if you wish to:

  • Feel aligned with your clients and able to be truthful
  • Develop a sustainable and profitable doula career
  • Decrease the number of traumatic births that you attend
  • Deepen your knowledge of physiologic birth, and its alternatives
  • Break out of unhealthy doula patterns, and feel confidence and joy in your work
  • Connect with doula peers and mentors who share your values
Join us for Intentional Birth Pro
Mother massage

Over three rich months,

this is what we'll experience together: 

Twelve 90-minute live trainings (on birth, on business, on prenatal work, on advocacy, on client challenges, on leveling up as a doula in the ways you ..)

  • Six live guest speaker trainings (we have some incredible friends)
  • Two private consults with Alicia or Meredith
  • Three live group peer review sessions
  • Workbook and reading materials
  • Access to the full Intentional Birth course for parents (20+ hours, 200+ pages)
  • A small circle of like-minded doulas.
  • Weekday Marco Polo access to us and your circle
  • Permanent membership in a private Facebook group for Intentional Birth Pros


A Note from Alicia & Meredith

We modeled Intentional Birth Pro after our own intimate circle of "doula sisters," who have stood by each other through thick and thin over the last decade of this exhausting and rewarding work. We want to be a sanctuary for other committed birth workers: our foundation is equal parts honesty and love! Throw in deep learning, a little fun, and the circle is complete. 

Let's talk.

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