Snack Plates: A New Mom Lifesaver

Oct 13, 2022

My fourth baby, Jacob, was born this year and after nearly a deacde of teaching and preaching on postpartum, I found myself deeply humbled and in the trenches learning once again. I share more about postpartum realities inside of the Intentional Birth course.


My wonderful best friend/Intentional Birth co-creator/birth and postpartum doula, Meredith, introduced me to the goodness that is the new mama snack plate. What is a snack plate, you ask? Just a little something every new mama needs. Think charcuterie platter, mini-fied.


As a nursing mom I found myself famished at various points in the day, sometimes even just an hour after a meal. Such is the nature of breastfeeding---it unleashes a "wandering through the desert" level thirst and makes you voraciously hungry. Wise Meredith, anticipating my seemingly insatiable appetite, would craft a plate each morning and evening so that I always had nourishing foods available at all times.


Some items you might want to have you doula/spouse/family member include on your snack plate:

  • nuts

  • cheese

  • crackers

  • nut butter

  • fruit

  • veggies

  • jerky

  • deli meats (nitrate/nitrite-free, natch)---salami, ham, turkey

  • dark chocolate

  • avocado toast

  • banana bread with butter


If you'd like more tips on thriving in your postpartum you'll find them inside our comprehensive childbirth course. 

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